Monday, 25 April 2011

The Last Post

And as the Sun sets slowly in the West, in the distance the rhythmic beat of the Bolinder faded into the evening sky until it could be heard no more only to be replaced by the soft tones of a lone bugler could be  heard playing the last post, oh no sorry he is playing 'happy days are here again'.
As I stated in my last blog I have come to an end with Minnow's blog as I have started up a new blog here 
I would just like to say thank you one and all who have followed my ramblings on Minnow's blog and for their support and I hope you will follow me over to my new blog for some more of the same sort of waffle,  hope to see you all there, but untill then, as always
Don't bang 'em about

Sunday, 17 April 2011

The End of an Era

Well it’s been nearly two months since the last time I blogged, and to be honest, I just have not felt like it as I have been on an all time low, and this will be my last blog about Minnow. But let me start with a question:

What goes bop bop boperty bop – kerching?

Anyway back to this blog. Minnow is still up at Norton Canes and we have not been down to her for months, her brasses are all dull, her ropework is green and she’s looking a little unloved. Went down to her on Saturday though with a crowbar and broke the locks off the back cabin as the keys have still not been returned yet. The batteries were completely flat so I could not pump the rain water out the hold and I could not even charge them because we had taken absolutely everything home, including the genny and the battery charger weeks previously when we thought she was sold. I proceeded to spend the next two hours bailing the water out using only an old pot noodle tub! With this completed I waited for the arrival of a couple of new friends who I’d arranged to meet there. After initial meets and greets we set about having a bottle of beer in the glorious sun shine, then I was asked if I could fire the Bolinder up for them, which of cause I did and the threesome sat in the sun, drinking their beer and being gently rocked by Minnow’s Bolinder. Eventually the time had come for us to leave and so I locked every thing up and we walked back to the cars where I handed the keys over to Minnow’s new owner. So that’s it, Blossom is now boatless, but not for too long I hope.

So till next time

Dow bang ‘em about

A boatless Blossom